Lowest Price Guarantee

Femplay always offers the lowest prices possible on our large range of adult toys in New Zealand. We have been doing so for over ten years and will continue to not only be competitive – but offer lower prices than our competitors.

To put our money where our mouth is, we also offer a ‘Lower Price Guarantee’. This simply means that if you spot a lower price on another competing New Zealand based online store for an identical product, if you let us know – we will reply back with a promotional code so you can not only get this product from Femplay with our super fast same day Auckland shipping, Free Gift and Free Batteries – but we will also offer a lower price by 5%!

This is subject to some terms and conditions below. To take advantage of this offer just email service@femplay.co.nz with the following information:

  • A screenshot of the lower price on the other website.
  • The URL (website address) where this price is published.

We will reply back within 12 hours with a promotional code if the following conditions are met:

Price Match Guarantee Terms and Conditions

  1. Applies to competing New Zealand online adult stores who are based in New Zealand with a physical store or online store with warehouse.
  2. Because of the complexity of bundles or gift packs, this price match guarantee cannot apply to bundles of products sold together as it would be impossible to determine the individual cost of an item within a bundle.
  3. The product must be exactly the same in terms of its size, colour and make/model.
  4. The total price including shipping must be taken into account.
  5. Unfortunately we cannot apply the price match guarantee to existing orders. Please contact us regarding a price match before placing your order.
  6. Femplay New Zealand reserves the absolute final right to cancel or withdraw this price match guarantee at any time or change the terms and conditions.
  7. If its determined or suspected that the price match information provided to Femplay New Zealand is fraudulent or otherwise incorrect, then we may withdraw this offer and refuse to match the price at our sole discretion.
  8. Of course, this offer is also subject to the normal consumer laws that apply in New Zealand.
  9. Femplay New Zealand offers this price match guarantee in good faith and we trust that you will not abuse this offer by submitting false or misleading information.
  10. A promotional code cannot be used in conjunction with this offer. Or in other words, you may only use one promotional code at one time.
  11. This offer extends to a maximum of 6 identical products.
  12. Unfortunately this offer does not apply to matching special pricing on sites like Ebay, Trademe or daily deals sites.
  13. We will endeavour to reply within 12 hours of the price match guarantee request with a discount code enabling you to purchase the identical product at Femplay New Zealand, together with a further 5% discount.