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Eclipse Rabbitronic Ultra 7 Function

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The Back of the Box

This is one of those absolute classic rabbit vibrators that have stood the test of time. Still super popular today, this design really doesn't need changing. We have been selling this product for six years now with absolute rave reviews from just about everyone.

Its ticks all the boxes with its powerful vibrating clitoral tickler, and seven amazing function, combined with the optional 'squirmy' penis head that will hit the spot every time.

The metal beads which are covered with plastic provide a light massaging sensation. The size of this rabbit vibrator is pretty much perfect, definitely not too large but slightly larger (width wise) than the iVibe.

Another nice thing about this product is that very rarely do we have any warranty returns. While vibrators are not designed to last forever, its comforting to know that the Eclipse Rabbitronic is also very reliable and well made.

The Eclipse Rabbitronic is one of those must have vibrators, we get excellent feedback and rave reviews about it. In terms of 'size' it's what you would call 'mid range' which makes it ideal for first time buyers, or those that don't want their boyfriend or husband to be too intimidated!

The controls actually light up at night time with the coloured LED lights changing from green to red depending on the chosen speed. This makes it especially easy to use 'under the covers' :)

It's also a good looking vibrator with its light pink coloured see through jelly finish.

The Eclipse Rabbitronic gives you full control over all functions, including the clit kisser and the rotating shaft. Also the shaft contains six rows of six beads, which provide even more stimulation and friction.

The vibrating clit kisser is very powerful and should definitely not dissapoint! If I were stuck on a desert island with a vibrator and a bunch of batteries, this would be one of my top five choices.

If you are new to vibrators or just want a good quality, all round power packed performer, then you just have to buy this vibrator from Femplay today!

The Eclipse Ultra Seven shaft rotates with 5 rows of 6 metal beads that spin at 6 different speeds. This micro processor controlled jack rabbit vibrator has separate controls for the vibrating clit kisser, and rotating head.

Choose the mode to suit your mood:

● 3 Vibrating speeds.
● 3 Pulsating speeds.
● 1 Escalating Mode.
● Length: 25CM (12CM Insertable)
● Width: 3.8CM

Product Specifications

Length: 25CM
Width: 3.8CM
Material: Soft Polymer Jelly
Batteries: 4 x AA Batteries (Supplied)
Noise Level: Quiet
Made In: China

Real Kiwi Reviews (Unedited reviews of this product!)

Review by Sweetly Satisfied - 10th December 2012


"I was always curious about sex toys, this a perfect one to start with. Durable, attractive size and functions. It is very easy to clean and a great value. I found it super easy to use with solo / partnered play and easy to amp it up if needed (not only in speed but variety too) !

This toy has given me the sexual confidence I need to enjoy sex alone and with my partner, recommended to all the experienced and novice users. I've had mine for a while now and it is still like the day I brought it. Femplay New Zealand is a great business to order through, I would never go anywhere else. Free batteries, postage and a free gift is the cherry on top of an already sweet deal!

Review by D - 20th September 2012

Thanks to Femplay New zealand I am a first time buyer and the process couldn't be easier and very discreet but I eagerly awaited my new vibrator to arrive which arrived in 2 days. At first I was like the size of it worried me but all my worries disappeared first time I used it certainly well worth the wait and has given me a lot of enjoyment the rabbit is definitely well worth the buy, pleasure in many ways with the rotating head and different speeds. What are you waiting for go out and get yourself the Eclipse Rabbitronic Ultra 7 Function you wont be disappointed. Enjoy your magical experience thanks Femplay New Zealand definitely shopping here again.

Review by ED - 20th September 2012

This was going to be the first vibrator I have ever owned or used and so I took a long time making up my mind, I bookmarked your page and went back several times and read lots of your reviews before finally taking the plunge, I am newly single in my mid forties so was quite nervous. I placed my order on a Friday night and could not believe it when it was delivered on Monday, I tried it out that night and I haven't looked back, my first couple of attempts were a bit clumsy but OMG my orgasms are so intense, and practice makes perfect. Thank you for bringing me back to life.


Review by Greg - 13th July 2012

Hi there,

"At first glance this vibrator looked really big and scary, but actually most of it is handle, so the insertable part is only average size. It has an amazing array of functions and my wife was very excited to try it the first time. She really enjoyed it, especially experimenting with the may different functions, both vibrating and rotating. It has proven to be an excellent addition to our sex life and a great way to warm up for the main course. The quality appears to be very good, and it's easy to clean too...."

Thanks for your fast service, we plan to buy some more products from you soon!

Review by Curly(Kaukapakapa) - 13th July 2012

So here I am - a vibrator virgin. My husband and I decided to take the plunge and buy one. After reading the reviews of many of the options available, I decided on this model and "Oh My Gosh". Not only has this vibrator given us a brand new lease on our sex life, I have now experienced reactions I wasn't even aware my body was capable of. On top of all this I have finally had my very first orgasm - at 43 years old!. And I can go on for more... This vibrator is amazing. I cannot believe I have never had one before as I have been missing out big time. My husband is so turned on using it, he now asks 'shall we get out Roger (rabbit)'. Delivery was prompt, even on rural delivery, and came well wrapped as promised. Thank you Femplay New Zealand - we will be coming back for more!!!


Review by Anna - 12th June 2012

Thank you Femplay New Zealand! I'm overseas from my partner for a month and wanted something to tide me over! Your product is fabulous and delivered easily, quickly and easily.
We both appreciate it!

Review by Rabbit lovers for life(Auckland) - 13th March 2012

When I first got the Eclipse Rabbitronic Ultra 7 function rabbit I loved the look of it and couldn't wait to try it I had tried other rabbits before but not as nice as this and when my partner got home he loved it also it was quiet enough to play with at night without the kids hearing and I love the vibrating clit tickler and the 7 speeds are just heaven I absolutely love it and so does my partner and we are both extremely happy lets just say since we have bought this rabbit we have gone rabbit mad.

Rabbit lovers for life

Review by L and K - 14th February 2012

Hi there!

My partner (brave man) bought me the Eclipse Rabbitronic last year, and I must say after 7 months I am still in love with it! The size is perfect and can reach all my hot spots without much adjustment. The clit stimulator is definitely the best - you can start off at low speed and gradually build it up (along with the rotating head) until you reach orgasm. I agree in that it is a good looking vibrator - and even after 7 months I'm quite happy to bring it out and have a guaranteed orgasm in under 3 minutes!

I had raved so much about the Eclipse Rabbitronic to my partner, and so this year he had decided to buy the Jelly Rabbit Ultra Soft Cock Ring for our early Valentines Day celebrations. Again - we are both VERY happy with this purchase. The ring itself is really soft and very easy to put on with lube. It got him to experience vibrations for the first time and he said that there was no discomfort whatsoever. And as for me - you can probably guess that I liked the rabbit head the most as it has the same shape as the clit stimulator of the Eclipse Rabbitronic.

So now I have two very good options in the bedroom!

Femplay, your website absolutely rocks. The products are exactly as per the descriptions, shipping is super fast and (more important) very discreet, and the free batteries means we can try out the products from the get go. I'm thinking that its my turn to buy the next product - its going to be alot of fun choosing what to get this time!

Loyal customers : L and K

Review by WOW &SPENT xx (Tauranga) - 4th February 2012

My wife and I have recently bought the following; Eclipse Rabbitronic Ultra 7 & The Screaming O cock ring. When the items arrived (2 days later), we could not wait to try them. We started with the cock ring. This is very stretchy and provides a very tight fit. The vibrations are strong and brought my wife to an instant orgasm. We then used the rabbit on each other. This is fantastic, with its multi speed and rotating functions. The rabbits ears work extremely well on our favourite areas, bringing us both to multiple orgasms. My wife especially loved, when fully inserted, the on/off pulsing vibrations of the ears and the simultaneous rotating of the beads. We were both drained and exhausted that evening!! We highly recommend these products to everyone.

This is a great company with fast dispatch times and we will be buying from them again.


Review by Lola - 28th October 2011

Hi there! I recently discovered the Femplay website after a friend told me about it. She said that Femplay has the best prices and a great range and after a quick comparison with other sites, she was definitely right!!!! The prices at Femplay are highly competitive and one of the biggest range of products I've found online. Combine that with the FREE Shipping over $50, FREE batteries, and FREE gift with purchase, makes Femplay the BEST online toy site ever!

So after spending some time looking around and reading other customer reviews, I decided to purchase the Eclipse Rabbitronic Ultra 7 Function vibrator. This was my first toy purchase ever. I ordered over the Easter holidays and still received the product in record time! I couldn't wait to try it out, so quickly tore off the discreet packaging and raced to the bedroom. The Eclipse Rabbitronic Ultra 7 Function was amazing!!! The different speeds and motions were fantastic and it was so so much fun trying them out. The size was amazing, slightly thicker than other vibrators and I personally love that. I am thoroughly pleased with both the product and the Femplay website and can't wait to purchase more!!!! Lola in NZ

Review by D M - 6th August 2011

Purchased a Eclipse Rabbitronic Ultra 7 Function recently, hoping it would up mine and my partners sex life and damn I was right! Would definitely recommend it to anyone who was looking for a toy to spice things up, the 7 different functions are excellent. Only down side was the girth was something to get used to, getting there slowly! My partner is quite happy with the reactions and orgasms I have, he loves it just as much as I do! 10 out of 10!

Review by Drew - 15th July 2011


I recently purchased the Eclipse Rabitronic Ultra 7. WOW! This was my first purchase of any kind of sex toy and I found the Femplay website really easy to use and not daunting at all. I was really re-assured by the promises of privacy and Femplay definitely delivered. My new toy arrived within 2 days, I live in a rural area so usually have to expect much longer delivery times. As promised it was delivered in a discreet courier bag. When it first came to using the Rabitronic I was a little daunted by the size but I have really been enjoying experimenting and the 7 different vibrating functions produce some pretty amazing results. The overall service I received from Femplay was first class and I have recommended them to some of my friends, a few of which have been too scared to enter sex shops but have found ordering on the internet very liberating. The whole process is easy, quick and very private, I can't fault it. Any to have it delivered free, with batteries included and a free gift was just another added bonus.


Review by Sara (Wellington) - 23rd April 2011

Firstly, can I say what an easy website to navigate, ordering buying and understanding everything is easy and I felt comfortable during the whole process.

Then the description and review of the product was so true and reliable, something that is very valuable when purchasing off the Internet.

And as for the ultrasonic rabbit 7, this vibrator is AMAZING! My girlfriend has turned into an addict! Such a quality piece of equipment, she orgasms constantly from the rotating head and has turned her into a little nympho! The clit vibrator and rotating beads all add to the excitement and we haven't even spoken about the multi speeds and escalating functions! I love using it on my girlfriend and she loves it as much as I do.

I have bought a few vibrators in times gone by and this is the one to buy, guaranteed!


Review by Eclipse Rabbitronic - 28th February 2011

I recently turned 18 and came across Femplay's website. I immediately feel in love. Femplay is unlike any other website. Not only do they offer free batteries, but they also offer a free gift with every order and even free shipping if you buy more then $50 worth of products. (which isn't hard!) This is everything you could possibly ask for. I landed upon the Eclipse Rabbitronic Ultra 7 Function and not long after reading the description, I placed my order. I waited to delivery, and the next day surely, it arrived! It came in discreet packaging, which I was so happy about because of course, I did not want anyone else finding out what kind of goody I had just bought myself! Straight away, I went to my bedroom, locked the door, and gave it a try! At first I would have to say it felt a bit big and I was worried about it's size, but surely enough, after using it a couple of times, I got use to it. All the functions are amazing, and not only do you get one orgasm, you get multiple! All I can say is that it was everything I could ask for, and more! I have never been so happy! Buying this was definitely worth it! This fancy piece of technology tops anything you could ask for :) I would definitely recommend it, you have nothing to lose! TC

Review by Eclipse Rabbitronic - 28th February 2011

I ordered the rabbitronic eclipse 7 from Femplay and I am very pleased with the purchase. Firstly the shipping was very fast and discreet as promised which was a relief! The free batteries are such a great touch, nothing worse than getting a new toy and not having batteries to test it out with! The vibrator itself was great, its size was a little overwhelming at first but once you realise that part of the length is the controls it's not quite so intimidating. I love the rabbit clit stimulator the best, the different speeds and pulse functions are excellent. The only downside is that when you have the main dildo part on you can't feel the vibration of the rabbit as intensely, but the good news is that you can have either function working on its own or together so you really do have lots of control and adjusting for the best orgasm is a cinch. A great product! I'd recommend it.

Review by Eclipse Ultra 7 - 28th February 2011

Hi guys, I would just like to let you all know that the shipping services were absolutely great, paid on a Friday received on the Tuesday...

I bought it for my wife as I work away from home a lot and she has been getting frustrated with herself, as soon as I gave her the eclipse ultra 7 rabbitronic her eyes lit up like wild fire, I actually thought they were going to fall out her eye sockets....the best part about the rabbit that she likes is the ears on the clit stimulator and the beads,actually she loves the whole rabbit.

The amount of orgasms she had was unbelievable as she is a virgin to any sex toy available, but hopefully now she will want me to buy her some more as I searched the net and came up with femplay as my shop. My wife had no idea I was buying it for her as was for her birthday.....and I picked it out myself.

Review by Eclipse Ultra 7 - 28th February 2011

Eclipse Ultra 7 Rabbitronic, where have you been all my life?!
There really are no words that can sum up the unbelievably amazing feelings that this vibrator brings, I love mine so much I want to marry it.

I was starting to feel lost without a boyfriend and was thinking my sexual drive was going to be wasted. I need worry no more. I orgasmed within 5 minutes of whipping this baby into gear, the twirling, the kneeding, the constant vibration in all the right places....you need not look past the Rabbitronic, its all you'll need - and more!! Carly

Review by asil - Eclipse - 9th September 2010

I'd been thinking about buying a vibrator recently but wasn't sure about where to buy from with so many websites online. I found Fem Play's website to be thorough with descriptions and a great variety and prices.

I just purchased the Eclipse Rabbitronic Ultra 7 Function which arrived promptly 2 days after ordering. At first I was a bit worried about the size of the vibrator (I didn't realise a couple of millimetres would make such a difference)! The defined head ridges felt a bit hard to start with but after a bit of getting used to it's very comfortable and not overwhelming.

The 7 functions of the rabbit clitoral stimulation are AMAZING! The different speeds and functions of the rabbit make for different levels of orgasm. This is my first vibrator and I now wish I'd purchased one of these years ago! Lots of fun to be had and discreetly quiet! asil

Review by Happy Customer - Eclipse - 24th August 2010

I purchased one of the Eclipse Ultra 7 Rabbitronic as a replacement for a old rabbit like vibrator, I was a little shocked at its girth (it being much larger than my old one) but feeling brave I tried it anyway and found it to be a very enjoyable experience (to put it in a polite way).

The ability to increase the rotation speed makes for a great intense feeling and the clitoral stimulator brings you to an orgasm as slowly or a quickly as you desire. I was also very impressed with the discreet packageing it was delivered as explaned and prompt delivery was fantastic.

I will be shopping here again.

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Comments from G C - Matamata

Femplay was great everything was as promised. Femplay provided the products ordered as shown, it was easy, fast, friendly and anonymous, all that an online store should be - fantastic service - thanks.

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