Body Wand – Original Massager

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● Deceptively Powerful: Engineered for strong and continuous stimulation.
● Quiet: Designed with subdued sound levels.
● A/C Power: Never run out of batteries for unlimited enjoyment.
● Size: 33CM body with a 6CM vibrating head, for those hard to reach places.

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Deceptively Powerful!

The powerful Body Wand features high quality construction, multiple massage modes with scrolling variable speed control, and flexible head. It features a sleek soft-touch Japanese design, with one touch on and off.

Wow! This is probably the most powerful vibrator we sell as its AC powered (for that reason – obviously its not waterproof so not for use in the spa, shower or bath!).

The overall design and impression of this product is very feminine with its blue color and sleek rounded end. Having said that, you could pass it off as a ‘back massager’ and so wouldn’t be nearly as embarrassing if the kids found it or you had to smuggle it through customs at the airport!

This design is very similar to the Hitachi Magic Wand. It’s actually almost impossible to get an original Hitachi Magic Wand with the correct (safe) Australian plugs.

I would highly recommend this product over the magic wand, its arguably a more robust and better engineered product. This is not a Hitachi Magic Wand copy – in my opinion it’s actually superior.

Although the Body Wand rivals the Hitachi Magic Wand in all areas, there is one stand out feature that I personally think pushes it to the top of the list; The Body wand is truly multi-speed whereas the Hitachi and it’s clones only have a low or high speed option which makes them relatively limiting in terms of use for sexual stimulation.

You will absolutely fall in love with this AC powered massager.

● One easy touch operation.
● Control dial for infinite speeds from a flutter to a freight train!!!
● A/C power 240 volts designed specifically for New Zealand and Australia – just plug it in and start enjoying. Never have to change batteries or experience ‘battery fade’.


The Bodywand


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