About Femplay – Established 2005

About Femplay New Zealand

Femplay New Zealand gives you the fastest possible discreet shipping from the Auckland based warehouse on a range of hand picked sex toys for women and couples.

Femplay New Zealand has been in operation in New Zealand for eleven years having first established the business in 2005. Over these eleven years we have shipped hundreds of thousands of products to customers all over the country. We pride ourselves on being honest and open with customers and offering the best products at the lowest possible prices.

Our shipping and warehouse and address for returns is kept confidential for your privacy. If you are returning any parcels to us please use the return address on the parcel or contact us for instructions.

So What Makes Femplay Different?

The real question is why would you want to order your adult toys from Femplay New Zealand and not some of the other online adult stores that operate in New Zealand?

1. Faster Delivery

Well, first and foremost you will probably get your stuff quicker than if you order from most of the other major online sex toy retailers in New Zealand. That’s because for some reason most of the other stores are based outside of Auckland. That means your order will come up to Auckland on a truck overnight and will generally take an extra day to be delivered. Our warehouse is based in Takapuna and the courier arrives every morning at 9.45AM. We start packing the previous nights orders with enough time to get them all out on the first courier.

But that’s not even the end of the story! There are some companies that are actually based in Australia selling sex toys in New Zealand and shipping them from Australia! Not only does that result in a delay of probably 3-5 days extra for delivery time but you run the risk of the order being held in customs for processing.

And then there are other online stores that operate a ‘drop shipping’ model. This means that they don’t actually hold stock in their warehouse. They either get the main supplier to ship it directly to you (exposing all your personal information to a third party) or they will order the items in once you have placed the order (further shipping delays).

Femplay New Zealand has our own Auckland based warehouse and stock information is live on our website so you know exactly what is available and in stock.

2. 100% New Zealand Owned & Operated


Femplay New Zealand is proud to be a privately 100% New Zealand owned and not an Australian or overseas company. We employ New Zealand staff and pay taxes in New Zealand!

2. We Stand By Our Products

Due to the nature of the products sold in this industry, many other sites (not the reputable ones – but the others) actually don’t provide any warranty for the products. This means if they break down after a week then there is no recourse. Of course under the consumer guarantees act you may have a right to complain about this – but when you order products from Femplay we provide a full unconditional 30 day warranty on all products. Many products such as We Vibe, Ovo and others also have extended manufacturers warranties which you can take advantage of and in this case, we will handle the return for you with the manufacturer.

3. The Lowest Possible Prices – Often the Cheapest

We are constantly reviewing our prices and sourcing product at the lowest possible wholesale prices or direct from manufacturers. We can pass these savings on. You can see above how industrial looking our warehouse is, our rent is low and so are our operating costs. That’s why we can operate with lower margins than traditional retail shops and many other online stores that don’t get the same volume discounts.

When calculating the total cost of your order be sure to take into account shipping costs. Femplay New Zealand gives you FREE shipping for all orders over $50.00 which can significantly reduce the overall cost of the order.

4. Taking Discretion to the Extreme!

Everyone ‘says’ they ship discreetly. But there are many elements to being discreet that go beyond a discreet credit card billing name. We make sure that its impossible to feel the contents of the package for example. We also have a return address label that when you ‘google it’ does not reveal the origin of the parcel. We use brand new plain brown boxes so there is no chance your order arrives in a box marked with a brand name linked to the adult industry.

We even ship with special packaging pellets made from corn that disintegrate when submerged in water. This means you put them in the kitchen sink or bath and destroy them – leaving less trace of packaging materials.

We also have a unique option at our shopping cart to make it even more discreet. You can now choose for us to DISCARD OUTER PACKAGING before shipping.

This means so that when your parcel arrives and you discard the packaging, there is no chance the neighbours, your flatmates or your children can find the used packaging somewhere! This is optional as some customer prefer to have the original packaging. It also makes box smaller in size and therefore easier to handle. When we discard the packaging we will keep any warranties, instructions or internal booklets but we will throw away the clam shell packaging and the often tacky inserts that come with these products so it’s one less thing to worry about – how to get rid of the packaging!

5. Satisfying Women For Over 10 Years

Femplay has been selling sex toys online in New Zealand for over twelve years making it the most established popular operator in the market today. During this time we have discovered the most popular products that get the best reviews and the most satisfaction from customers. Products which are of inferior quality and receive bad feedback or are not as durable are discontinued meaning greater satisfaction for you.

Customer Testimonials

To my relief every item was very carefully wrapped and impossible to feel the contents of what was inside…
Miranda - Waitakere
I would like to say what great service femplay provide. It is hard trying to find a good nz based provider of all things sex in nz. Some sites say they are nz but the orders actually come from Australia or the usa and take some time. The lubes we bought are great, one hard thrust and my wife shot off the end of the bed! Lol just kidding. They are both internationally known products not something that has been concocted in someones back yard and sold on some dodgy website. Thanks femplay.
Christine - Hamilton
Just had to let you know how much I love your products and service. Im new to the sex toy category, and was a little nervous about purchasing. Your range and pricing is brilliant and I look forward to more on-line shopping expeditions. Ive already told my girlfriend about your site and she is now keen to purchase too. THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU 🙂
Ziz - Auckland

This website is not only easy to navigate in, it also gives accurate, good information about each toy they sell. Femplay is definitely a good website to buy from again and again! Ive browsed through multiple NZ adult stores and Femplay is by far the easiest and fastest one by a long shot.

Xeffie - Auckland

This was my first time buying any sort of sex toy, the delivery was super fast as soon as i got these items in the mail i could hardly wait!! I went straight at it, was the best experience of my life! Cant wait to order more items of this site 🙂

Hap - Auckland

What impressed me from the get go was your emphasis on privacy and discretion. When I got home the next day and found the parcel on my doorstep I was ecstatic! To realize that I didnt have to rush down the road to put batteries in my new toy was also a relief as it was persisting down at the time and all I couldnt wait to get into the bath with a large glass of wine and my new friend! Thanks for making the whole experience safe, discreet and thoroughly enjoyable!

Simone - Auckland

Your site said it was quiet and used the most common batteries AA. I was not disappointed and everything was as described and expected. It is very quiet and I am over the moon with my purchase.

Carly - Auckland

I received my order quickly and as always discreetly well packaged. I have bought quite a few products from Femplay over the years and there discreet, reliable and friendly service means I keep coming back when I need something else. I know that I can trust them. Thanks Femplay for your service.

Jen - Wellington

Corporate Office (Sorry No Pickups) 14 Airborne Road, North Shore, Auckland.