If you could only pick one vibrator

I have been in this industry selling adult toys since 2003 which is over 12 years. They say it takes 10 years to become an expert at something, but I am really not sure I could say I am an expert of adult toys!

The thing is, as my father is always fond of saying ‘Things don’t really change that much!’. Or another way of putting, the more things change the more they stay the same!

And this applies of course to sex toys and in particular sex toys designed for women which is our primary concern here at Femplay.

There are hundreds of sex toys guides published on the internet but the problem with these is that they are often skewed. They are often skewed towards recommending toys which are in vogue, have higher margins (profits) for the retailer, or because they simply look good rather than do the job properly.

So I am loathe to create a generic ‘Sex Toy Guide’ and simply rattle off a list of toys for each category. I would prefer to explain in some detail exactly what makes a good sex toy a great sex toy, and to justify my recommendation for the best sex toy for women here at Femplay New Zealand.

When it comes down it, almost every sex toy aimed at women has some sort of vibration unless its strictly a dildo, which is actually the technical classification of a dildo (e.g. a non vibrating implement for insertion into the vagina). To complicate this, modern dildos also vibrate which sort of ruins that definition.

Then we have Rabbit Vibrators, which are a fairly descriptive term that describes the penis shaped ‘Vibrating Dildo’ which also has the attached clitoral stimulator which is flexible and hits the clitoris or thereabouts during insertion. This is where the actual vibrating bullet is contained, right where the clitoris is. Furthermore, a good Rabbit Vibrator will also have what’s known as ‘rotating beads’ which are sort of hard to describe.

These are usually small beads or studs which are packed tightly together towards the top of the shaft and a small motor inside the Rabbit Vibrator assists with rotating these which generates yet another source of stimulation. If you were to place your hand on these beads they sort of tickle, and there is also slight vibration caused by the movement of the beads.

Now if this wasn’t enough, most rabbit vibrators also allow you to control the strength of the vibrations and vibration patterns. Vibration patterns do things like pulse, escalate etc by the small micro computer inside the vibrator controlling the pattern of both the vibration and strength.

Compare this to a dildo which doesn’t vibrate at all but is just used for insertion, or compare this to a vibrating bullet which is basically the same thing in a rabbit vibrator clitoral stimulator, and you start to realize that the most powerful vibrator you can buy is the rather cute sounding ‘Rabbit Vibrator’. Don’t be put off by the cute sounding name, because Rabbit Vibrators are hands down the best sex toy that a woman can buy.

Now comes the tricky part. Which Rabbit Vibrator should you buy then? Of course we have a whole category of Rabbit Vibrators and they basically do all the same things. However, over the past 12 years of selling them, one product and one product alone continues to get rave reviews and feedback from customers and has engendered an almost cult like status among the women that buy it.

And that product is – The Eclipse Ultra 7 Seven Rabbitronic Rabbit Vibrator.

Now a truly curious person at this stage will want to know why. Why is it that this product alone compared to all the others on sale is so popular? Is it the name, the packaging, the brand? I would venture to say it is none of these.

The name itself is rather masculine ‘Ultra 7’ and was no doubt invented by a man in Hong Kong (where this product was designed). Essentially how it works is this. The Hong Kong company (in this case Seven Creations) designs the toys and has them manufactured in China (where basically all sex toys are made these days). Then its up to the ‘design studios’ and marketing departments to come up with the branding and packaging. Invariably they use western European models.

I don’t know how it works these days but I suspect when this product was first ‘designed’ it was sometime in the late 1990’s and it was probably designed (the packaging and branding) by a man in Hong Kong.

And what is on the front of the packaging? A rather crass and tacky pic of a scantily clad women with obviously augmented breasts.

And to top off the cliche, both the packaging and product are a pink/orange colour which may not appeal to everyone (the most popular colors for sex toys are Pink, Black, Purple in that order – but not this unusual pink/orange color).

But! And this is a really big but… none of that matters one iota. That’s because the first thing you are going to do is rip the rabbit out of its packaging and discard that in the bin where it belongs.

The very important ‘take away value’ to this article is this. The Eclipse Ultra 7 Rabbitronic is hands down the best rabbit vibrator on the market today.

And the reasons for this are many and varied. What many people don’t realize is that the motors in sex toys do not last forever. My virtue of the fact they vibrate and have moving parts this puts alot of strain on the motor and the mechanics of the vibrators.

It is also not uncommon in this industry to have fail rates for new vibrators (dead on arrival) in the 1-5% range. This is unfortunate, and where we discover a product is often dead on arrival we simply stop selling it because its far too much hassle for both us and the customer.

However, the first thing to congratulate the Eclipse Ultra 7 on is the fact that we very, very rarely have any issues with returns or faults on this product. In fact, around 2005 we had a terrible time with the iVibe where almost 1 in 5 of these products were failing… And that product was three times the price of the Eclipse. Thankfully they have sorted that problem out (no doubt changing manufactures in China). However, for whatever reason, the Eclipse Ultra 7 continues to be probably the most reliable vibrator we have ever sold.

Secondly, the whole package just seems to work. All Rabbit Vibrators have a slightly different design/mould and the clitoral stimulator is therefore in a different position. For whatever reason, the Eclipse just seems to get it bank on right. Its also got a very powerful vibrating bullet in the clit tickler.

While the iVibe has continued to improve by adding waterproof functionality, unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your perspective) the Eclipse has remained exactly the same product that was first released on the market at least 15 years ago.

The Eclipse is the absolute ‘go to’ vibrator that Femplay sells, and I highly recommend it because – it just works! Just ignore the tacky packaging.