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Here are some frequently asked questions which may help you.

If these questions do not answer your question or you have a more specific question, please use the Contact Form at the bottom of this page.


We accept credit card and all Visa/Mastercard debit cards and Direct Deposit using internet banking.

You can also make a direct deposit into our Westpac Bank account if you want to pay with cash for complete anonymity.

Sorry we do not accept American Express cards due to their higher transaction costs.

Yes, Femplay New Zealand has been designed from the ground up to work with all modern mobile devices and smart phones including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, iPads and other touch devices that have a web browser.

No you can use a non de plume, pen name or fake name if you wish. Just remember that this will be printed on the label attached to your parcel!

Yes, the terms and conditions of using our website and services state that you must be over 18 by law to purchase adult products.

Sorry we are strictly online only and are unable to offer a pickup for orders. This is because we are busy processing our online orders as efficiently as possible. Offering a pickup/shop counter would at times jeopardize our ability to ship all orders before the first courier run at 9.45AM. If you wish to pay cash for your order you can choose DIRECT DEPOSIT as a payment method and make a deposit directly into our Westpac Bank Account.

Our site like almost all eCommerce sites does required that cookies be enabled in your browser for the cart to work correctly. If you are finding that items are not adding correctly to the cart please double check these refer to the instructions for the browser and device you are using.

We offer a choice of three free gifts when you place your order. These items are displayed at the checkout stage. There is no charge for these items, it’s just another reason to shop at Femplay New Zealand.

Yes batteries are included for all products that required batteries – even if the manufacturer does not include them we provide them inside the order. If you can’t find them, be sure to check inside the product packaging or sometimes they may be found at the bottom of the box under all the packaging material.

You will find that our prices are typically cheaper than a back street adult shop. We do not have the same overheads such as staff and high rents, and we buy all our products in bulk and pass the savings on. We genuinely try to keep our prices as low as possible. If you spot an item cheaper somewhere else – either a retail shop or online, contact us below and we will see if we can match or better the price! That way you may get shipping for free in addition to a free gift that many other places do not offer.

We do not currently have a ‘price match guarantee’ because many of these guarantees from other retailers have many terms and conditions which make the process quite cumbersome. For example, their guarantee may not include items on special or in low stock etc. We prefer to offer everyday low prices and if you find something cheaper, we will do the best to offer you a better deal – and probably sharpen up our price for other shoppers as well.

Yes your credit card is processed by Direct Payment Systems the payment gateway which is PCI Compliant and uses secure encryption. Your credit card number is not stored by us at all. Your credit card information is only stored (encrypted) at the secure payment gateway for the purposes of initiating a refund should this be required. Your personal information including your full name, address, contact details and order information is not stored at our payment gateway – this information is stored in our website database.

We do not keep your personal details such as:

– Full customer name.
– Address.
– Telephone and email address.

For longer than 45 days. After 45 days these bits of information are deleted from our database so they cannot be accessed in the future. Only your order number and order details (with no reference to you) are kept in the database.

For this reason we recommend keeping a copy of your order with order number somewhere in a safe place (or just keep it in your email system).


All orders are sent using New Zealand Couriers nationwide courier service.

Track your order on the New Zealand Couriers website 24HR’s a day:


Please navigate to the BAR CODE section and copy and paste the tracking code sent in your shipping confirmation email from Femplay.

Any problems please contact us for help.

The best way to ensure your order is delivered quickly and reliably is to have the parcel delivered to your work address instead of your home address. Work addresses are well know to couriers, are easier to find and normally always have someone who can sign for the parcel or it can be left at reception. Courier runs to work addresses are also more frequent meaning you can often receive the parcel a day before residential addresses.

Another alternative is to have the parcel delivered to a friend, relative or neighbour who you know will be home.

If you leave special instructions when you place your order at Femplay such as ‘Leave in letterbox’ these will be printed on a secondary label and placed on the outside of the parcel for the courier. Please note however that if the parcel is left according to your instructions and is lost or stolen then this you may be liable for this meaning the items may not be covered by New Zealand Couriers insurance and therefore this is not recommended unless you are 100% confident its being left in a safe place.

Yes absolutely! Just mention this in the special instructions when placing your order. If the parcel is stolen or goes missing we may not be able to claim this back through the normal insurance process – so please make sure its left in a safe place.

Absolutely not! The parcel is packaged to ensure no-one can feel the contents inside and is shipped in either a courier satchel with the items wrapped in corrugated cardboard or its placed in a new brown plain box with brown tape to hide all the gaps. The return address is not traceable and does not mention Femplay New Zealand.

The courier that delivers the parcel is not the same person that collected it, so they definitely do not know what is inside the parcel.

Your Privacy

Your privacy is our number one concern and we do everything we can to protect your privacy. This includes the following:

  • Not storing or keeping your full credit card details.
  • Never writing down your card details somewhere where they can be stolen.
  • Always shredding any invoices or customer information before disposing of it.
  • Deleting your personal details such as name, phone number, email address and physical address after 45 days from our database.
  • All database backups are located in a secure encrypted Amazon S3 Bucket accessible only by one person (the owner of Femplay).
  • The database server where your personal details are kept is only accessible by one person (the owner of Femplay) and these passwords are not shared with third parties such as website designers or marketing agencies.
  • We do not use an external marketing service to facilitate newsletters. Any newsletters which are sent (which are strictly opt in) are sent from our server directly limiting the exposure of your email address to third parties.
  • All communication with our server is done using Secure File Transfer protocol further eliminating the chances or your personal data being intercepted during its transmission.

The privacy of our customers is our absolute number one priority. We will never under any circumstances and conditions release your personal information, order information or details or any other collected data to a third party. This includes our suppliers, contractors, affiliates, partners or anyone else who is not a direct employee of Femplay New Zealand.

Please bear in mind that by posting or sending personal information over the internet to use including by use of contact forms, email, message boards, comments, reviews etc that this information may be intercepted by others during its transmission which is out of our control to prevent. We do of course take all reasonable steps to ensure this does not happen and to protect your personal information in these circumstances. However, Femplay New Zealand cannot ensure or warranty the security of information transmitted to us before it actually reaches us, therefore you do this at your own risk (for example by emailing us directly). You are responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your passwords used on our website and ensuring they are robust which means making them at least 12 characters long and containing a combination of alpha numeric characters including letters, numbers and special characters which lessens the change that your password can be brute forced or guessed by a third party.

Femplay New Zealand maintains but does not the warrant the effectiveness of independent third party software that detects brute force attacks on your passwords. However, ultimately the best defence to prevent this from occurring is to maintain a sounds password policy for your user name and passwords.

In the vast majority of cases any special information collected by Femplay New Zealand is on an aggregate basis. That means that information of customers is grouped together for and does not reveal personal information or any details of one individual user. A good example of this is our use of the Google Analytics tools provided by Google. These consolidate usage statistics and data on how our customers use our site and aggregate this to provide us a picture of how many visitors have used the site, what browsers they are using, and what search terms they used to discover our site.

We collect on our website your personal information such as name, contact details and address and also an email address to facilitate communication with you in regards to when your order has been shipped or any other necessary communication directly related to the processing of your order. We will not send unsolicited emails to you promoting products or services. Only if you have deliberately opted in to receiving our newsletter may we send you occasional marketing emails which you can unsubscribe from at any stage.

Your full credit card details are not kept in our database as we use secure tokens to manage credit cards through the Eway payment gateway. In fact, we do not physically have access to this information. The credit card details are stored at our secure payment gateway Eway – a well established and PCI Compliant company that uses very strong secure encryption on their servers.

All employees of Femplay New Zealand sign a confidentiality agreement which prevents them from discussing or disclosing information about customers or their orders that they may come into contact with during the processing of your order.

Finally, Femplay New Zealand does not and never will sell your personal information or any data collected in any way to any third party whatsoever.

Femplay New Zealand does use cookies which allow our shopping cart to function correctly enabling the adding and removing of items from your shopping cart in a correct manner. A cookie is a small file that assigns a unique unidentifiable number to the user and writes it to your hard drive as you browse our site. The cookie is not an application and cannot read from your hard drive or execute code or do anything malicious. It may however, leave a trace of your browsing and we recommend that you clear your cookies after you have placed an order if you are concerned about this.

Creating an account on Femplay New Zealand will save your card details for future use by use of a secure token. This does not mean your card details are saved at Femplay, rather they are saved at our payment gateway Eway and we do not have access to your full credit card details.

Returns and Warranties

Femplay New Zealand offers a 60 Day Warranty on all items sold based on the date of purchase. Many other websites online only offer a 30 day warranty, and some only offer a warranty for ‘dead on arrival’ items.

Some background to this regarding sex toys. The fact is that all sex toys motors produce their vibrations from moving parts and are subject to the normal wear and tear associated with all motors. Sex toy motors in particular are prone to burn out after extended use. Every toy will be different, and generally speaking more expensive toys and motors will last longer. As a general rule you can expect a sex toy used regularly to last about 6 months. For hygiene reasons, its best to replace your toys every 6 months anyway.

We try to make returns as simple as possible. In the first instance before contacting us to return an item please check the following:

– Please replace the batteries with new batteries and not high powered batteries such as EverReady or Energizer as these have a tendency to wear out motors quicker than normal batteries.

– Please double check the instructions if any came with the product on how to insert the batteries and ensure they are inserted correctly in the right positive/negative alignment.

– Ensure you have not accidentally used excessive water on a toy which is not waterproof. If you have by accident, try putting it in a hot water cupboard or somewhere dry for a few days before trying it again (after removing the batteries).

If after completing these steps you are sill having problems with your toy please contact use using the help form below and we will reply with instructions on how to return the product.

The 60 Day Warranty at Femplay New Zealand is a return to base warranty meaning you will need to ship the product back to us. However, if the product fails on arrival (what is known as ‘dead on arrival’) we will most likely send out a NZ Couriers courier bag for you to return the item at our cost complete with return sticker.

Please do not return items back to us without contacting us first, for both hygiene and practical reasons we are unable to open parcels without the correct RA (Return number) on the outside. Also if products returned and determined to be not faulty there may be a small processing and shipping fee to resend the goods back ($10).

Please ensure that the toys are thoroughly cleaned in warm soap and water and dried off before returning (taking care not to submerge the product in water if it is not waterproof).

Unfortunately although we cannot except returns if the product turns out to be too small, large, unappealing colour etc. we will probably be able to offer you a discount code to get a discount off your next purchase. Please contact us using the contact form at the bottom of this page to initiate the process and we will help you as much as possible.

About Femplay New Zealand

Femplay New Zealand is a privately owned business run by a husband and wife Chris and Yayun. We originally established Femplay Australia in 2003 and later sold this business off to focus on the New Zealand operation.

Femplay New Zealand has been in operation in New Zealand for ten years having first established the business in 2005. Over these ten years we have shipped hundreds of thousands of products to customers all over the country. We pride ourselves on being honest and open with customers, and offering the best products at the lowest possible prices.

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