Most Dangerous Sex Position

Couple lying on bed with woman on top

Hot on the heels of a recent post we made regarding our doubts that Fifty Shades of Gray has anything to do with an increase in emergency department visits, we thought it fitting to report the latest scientific study on the most dangerous sexual position.

Doctors and scientists in Brazil apparently had nothing better do than to look at 13 years of emergency room visits to see if they could work out the most dangerous sex position in terms of injuries. Now you might be thinking (as we did) what exactly is dangerous about having sex? Its not really something you associate with injury or risk, but according to this study the Cowgirl position (women on top just in case you weren’t aware of that term) is by far the riskiest for the male in terms of potential for penile fractures resulting in over 50% of the injuries.

Coming in a close second was of course the rather athletic ‘doggy style’ which again, for those who aren’t initiated, that’s where the women is on all fours and her partner has normal vaginal sex from behind.

Ladies can relax though as this stage, because the study found that all the injuries were on the male side and all related to penile fractures. Apparently the female anatomy is much sturdier.

What exactly is a penile fracture and how do you know when its happened? Well apparently penile fractures normally produce an audible sound (ouch) a sort of cracking sound. No doubt they are also accompanied by a severe amount of pain and discomfort and embarrassment for the man concerned.

There may be an assumption that men may be to embarrassed to seek medical help for a penile fracture but all the information online (and lets face it – that’s the first thing you would do right – Google it!) suggests that a penile fracture is something requiring urgent medical attention.

Unfortunately (for obvious reasons) the study authors still couldn’t definitively say why they thought this was the case. They hypothesized that ‘When woman is on top she usually controls the movement with her entire body weight landing on the erect penis, not being able to interrupt it when the penis suffers a wrong way penetration, because the harm is usually minor in woman with no pain but major in the penis’. Groundbreaking stuff.

Now here is what this makes this study seem even more farcical. The study looked at emergency department visits over thirteen years and guess how many men actually presented with a penile fracture? You would assume thousands since this must be a under reported health crisis right? Well, 44 in total. The data was taken from three emergency departments over a thirteen year period so that works out to a total of one, yes one presentation per hospital per year. And remember this is Brazil,

So Ladies and Gentlemen, the take away value from this rather ludicrous study seems to be that one should certainly be careful in the woman on top position, but I am sure men know this already. Bottom line is, the chances of this happening so some small as to not even worry about it. Surely there are more important things to worry about?

Have any of the readers had experiences with penile fracture that they would care to share and exactly how they happened? Totally Anonymously of course!

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