Did Fifty Shades of Grey really increase emergency dept visits?

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Did Fifty Shades of Gray really help increase sex toy injuries at emergency rooms since its release?

It seems someone out there actually pays attention to the amount of injuries caused by sex toys and the Washington Post has compiled an interesting chart that attempts to suggest that an increase in sex toys injuries reported in emergency departments can somehow be linked to the release of Fifty Shades of Gray in 2007.

In my opinion, release of 50 Shades of Gray has absolutely nothing to do with an increase in emergency department cases in the US.

A closer look at the chart reveals that most of these reported injuries were actually trending up since the beginning of the millennium some fifteen years ago, more than seven years before FSOG was even released. This increase in sexual liberation I think has more to do with Generation X and Y being sexually active and very sexually aware due to the proliferation of porn on the internet.

Whats more, there was definitely an upsurge in the industry after the Global Financial Crisis as people tightened their belts and spent less money on entertainment such as movies and restaurants and instead stayed at home and treated themselves instead to more sex toys they could enjoy with their partner – again and again! It is well known that sex, sex toys and the adult industry in general is pretty much not only immune to recessions but it actually thrives in a climate where people are looking for inexpensive entertainment that provides immediate gratification and well needed boost in Dopamine for zero cost.

Its also interesting to note that most of the emergency room cases involved the insertion of foreign objects by males. Presumably this means that the item in question got ‘stuck up there’. I would suggest that the problem here is not sex toys at all, but rather the use of foreign objects that really aren’t designed in the first place, for that purpose. Presumably this mostly occurs not during any sort of role play involving bondage but merely through sexual exploration while masturbating.

There is a reason that we have a category called ‘Butt plugs’ the suggestion being that these devices with their tapered ends will prevent the object from getting lost in the first place. All our rabbit vibrators are also excellent for anal play because the rabbit’s ears (essentially the clitoral stimulator) when used by a man will also prevent it getting stuck. In this case, the clitoral stimulator actually becomes a testicle massager and products such as the mini ivibe with its reduced overall size and perfect for this type of use. In fact, it is well known in the industry that the mini iVibe is popular with gay males.

The fact is that the sex toy industry has been growing very strongly for the past 15 years and will continue to grow as the more liberal younger generations grows up. There is also a global trend in developing countries for young people to remain single – both men and women. This of course encourages masturbation.

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