Genuine Clearance Sale

Picture of Lady saying Sale

Some places like the retailer Kathmandu seem to be having a sale 365 days a year.

Here at Femplay New Zealand we have some of the cheapest prices online for sex toys all year round.

Sometimes though – something special happens. A once in a blue moon event that changes everything. That’s right, this is a ‘once in a lifetime’ sale!

We have over 110 products heavily discounted to prices never seen before in New Zealand.

Stock is limited to what we have left. We won’t be selling these products again after they are sold. They may not even be available in New Zealand again as the supplier has high tailed it back to Australia. This doesn’t mean the products are inferior. Far from it. They are some of the worlds best sex toy brands including Pipedreams, California Exotics and Fleshlight.

Check out these genuine clearance sale items and grab yourself a real bargain!

Just don’t expect this to happen next month!