Glow Dicky Drink Straws

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No hens night could ever be complete without pecker straws and these ones glow in the dark to add extra excitment!

This set of Glow In The Dark dicky straws are great as a hens night gag or naughty party. The best thing about these straws is when the lights are out they look great.

Glow Dicky Drink Straws Definitely not for children, the Glow Dicky Drink Straws are good for laughs at your bachelorette, birthday or adult-themed parties. Put them in tropical drinks and wait to see how long it takes your guests to realize that their straw is, well, anatomically correct!

Each straw in this package of ten sports a dick and balls. Put the business end of the straw in your mouth and suck ! Best of all, they glow in the dark so you’ll always be able to suck it in the dark!

● 10 Per Unit.


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