COLT Pumper Plug – Medium


  • Pliable and Durable Silicone Inflatable Plug with Superior Suction Cup Base
  • Easy Squeeze Bulb
  • Quick Air Release Valve
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This ample inflatable butt plug is really a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Start by popping the plug insider and then carefully and slowly pumping it as much as you dare to feel the stretch.

Its solid which deflated which means it can be used without inflation.

But it will go from 5 inches right up to 13.5 inches in circumference (wow). The quick release valve allows you to release the pressure in an instant.

This quality and I genuine COLT product is made from silicone, is body safe and should be used with a good water based lube to keep it in top condition.


California Exotic Novelties


9.5CM (Before Inflating)


3.2CM (Before Inflating)


Silicone (probe, hose, bulb) ABS (release valve)

Made In