Bathmate – Hercules Penis Pump

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● Helps to increase your penis length.
● Even increases the penis thickness.
● Helps you gain overall penis volume.
● Straighten out bent penises.
● Enlarge the penis head.
● Helps you last longer.

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A real visible difference, in only 15 minutes!

This popular penis pump designed to be used in the shower or bath is now sold in over 39 countries for at least five years. It was an overnight success.

The Bathmate penis enlarger pump helps with increasing penis size both length and girth, sexual fortitude (stamina), not to mention increased intensity of orgasms and even improved erectile strength should you suffer from erectile dysfunction. The product is safe and comfortable to use.

How Bathmate works:
● Uses the wonderful power of water.
● Can be used in the bath, shower or air.
● You can apply the product easily with one hand.
● Encapsulates the entire penis shaft.
● Lengthens the entire penis, not just foreskin.
● Give you a rock solid hard erection maintained over the full length of the penis.

Hydropump Penis Enlargement
Bathmate is patented and is the only product on the market that can make these claims.

The differences between bath mate and other older penis pump technologies are really obvious when you place them side to side.

With Bathmate there are not external pumps to bugger around with, you simply pull the device closer to your body to create more pressure.

Its also much safer that other penis pumps, even if you fall asleep the penis will still maintain sufficient oxygen due to the unique design.

● Maximum penis girth: 4.78CM.
● Maximum penis length: 21CM.

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