Wet Stuff – Gold Lubricant 100g Tube

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Super popular long lasting water based lube that is perfect for use with all sex toys. Many repeat customers buy this product and swear by it. Made in Australia.

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This fabulous Wet Stuff Gold which is Made in Australia is probably the most popular selling sexual lubricant in Australasia. Its an extra long lasting formular specifically developed to give even longer lubrication that other lubes. Its designed to be slightly warming to the skin whilst maintaining a silky sensuous texture.

Made in Australia this is what I would call an excellent high quality lubricant which is worth the extra cost. There are many (unfortunately) poor lubricants on the market that don’t last as long as they claim. This is normally simply because they contain insufficient silicone (i.e. they are cheaper to manufacture) which just means you need to use MORE.

Its a false economy, which is why I always recommend purchasing the best quality lubricant you can afford. The very best of course is Pjur Lube, but in my opinion Wet Stuff Gold comes in a close second.

Don’t settle for inadequate and short lasting cheaper lubes, and at $9.95 at Femplay NZ its much cheaper than you will find in many retail stores.

The name Wet Stuff was actually chosen to help people relax about lubricants. It brings a laugh and helps put people at ease discussing sex and condom use.

Its actually formulated as an edible medical lubricant for use with condoms. Therefore its formulated only with ingredients that have been used extensively in the the pharmaceutical and cosmetic arenas for perhaps the last thirty years – whilst eliminating or giving only a very low rate of allergic responses.

The problem with using condoms without lubricants is that studies have shown this contributes to breakages which of course defeats the purpose in the first place and encourages the spread of sexually transmitted infections and of course pregnancy. The use of lubricants is therefore highly recommended for anyone who uses condoms.

You use as much as you need basically. If you use too much you may find you need to wash it off afterwards, and if not enough then you may dry out during sex.

A generous wallop of Wet Stuff should generally last (tests have shown!) about 30 minutes in normal usage (whatever normal usage is – not sure how they determined that!).

And of course this product will not affect condoms in terms of breaking them down and encouraging breakage, quite the opposite. Wet Stuff has been clinically tested just for this very feature.

The owner of Wet Stuff was telling me that the rate of preservative ‘bad reactions’ with Wet Stuff is one in about 10 tonnes of usage! Thats about one in ten million! This is due to it being specifically formulated to be non allergenic based on extensive research of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. If you are at all concerned about this, its best to apply it first time in the shower to see how your body reacts.

Finally some comments about this being a water based lubricant containing Glycerine. Please note that Glycerine is not a sugar and will not encourage yeast infections, even though this is a common misconception with glycerine based lubes. Another anecdotal bit of information, we have been selling Wet Stuff Gold now for 12 years since 2003 in Australia and New Zealand and have never had even one complaint about it – far from it. We have only received rave reviews about this product which is why its one of our best selling lubes.

So thats its really. A super long lasting, extensively tested and well tolerated product that I highly recommend. Its available at Femplay New Zealand in all sizes from 4 gram sachets right up to the industrial 1kg size!




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2 reviews for Wet Stuff – Gold Lubricant 100g Tube

  1. 5 out of 5


    I must write and thank you for such prompt delivery of my order for my supply of “Wet Stuff” – all arrived nicely packaged today.

    Thank you for this lot and what more can one ask ;- great product, a wonderful price, quick delivery and well packaged.

    I am so grateful that you keep it in stock and also the fact that you manage to hold the price of this Wet Stuff with everything else on the rise.

    I stick to the “Wet Stuff Gold” as I have tried several brands in the past but nothing – but nothing – comes up to Wet Stuff.

    It is just SO smooth and never dries out and I find it the complete lube – and so quick and easy to use!!

    It not only enhances intimate and sexual pleasures, I use it for everyday purposes and have always found it absolutely great.

    Mind you – the other flavours are a nice and they do provide some variety for a change!


  2. 5 out of 5


    I ordered this to replace my previous lube which was the old version of wet stuff and was also pretty good. It only took a couple of days to arrive and the packaging was very discrete which is appreciated. Wet stuff gold is silky smooth. It goes on easily and in fact applying it is half the fun. It works really well with sex toys, fingers and cocks. It also tastes ok during oral sex. It has a gorgeous sensation and has improved my sex life even though it was already pretty good. It lasts really well and so far I haven’t had to reapply it during a sex session and we’ve had some pretty steamy ones. My husband knows that if I leave it out on the bedside cabinet then he’s in for a good long hard sex session. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to enhance their sex life.

    Hot chick

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