Power Play Maxxx Power Vibe


  • Smooth as Silk
  • Multy Speed Deep Vibration
  • Rippled for Maximum Pleasure


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Staff Review – Tracy

You can trust NS Novelties to come up with truly innovative and interesting products and this new vibrating dildo called PowerPlay is no exception! Its rare to come across a vibrator with such deep, low, earth shattering vibrations powered by batteries alone.

It reminds me an AC powered vibrator like the Hitachi Magic Wand but of course not THAT powerful! But its the frequency and intensity of the vibrations which are incredible.

It takes 2 X C Batteries which is also a good sign of the fun to come. The entire shaft is ribbed from the tip of the penis head almost down the bottom. The head itself and shaft is firm but slightly pliable.

Its made from silicone but does have a very slight plasticky smell. As this was a new product I suspect this will fade over time or after a few washes. Its by no means a strong smell.

The controls are very simply – just one dial at the bottom which goes from very slow and low right up to fast, deep and hard!

There is a long thread on the cap on the base of the vibrator which is normal for a waterproof vibrator to keep the water out of the battery compartment.

Who would this vibe suit? Probably a woman who has difficulty orgasming from regular vibrators and who likes deep, low vibrations around the vaginal and clitoral area. The size of the vibe seems just about right, on the medium size for a vibrator but probably bigger than most real life specimens.

I really like NS Novelties products. You can tell they spend a lot of time and care to make a quality product that fits a certain niche use rather than just copying other products. Their products also have an X Factor which other manufacturers don’t have.

For all these reasons, I am giving the Maxxx Power Vibe 8 out of 10 and congratulations to NS for producing another fantastic product that is bound to please.








NS Novelties






Silicone (massager)/ABS (cap)


2 x C Batteries (Supplied)

Noise Level


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