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More than just a vibe!!

The Dark Elegance! Fancy and elegant. This wake up vibe will make you wake up satisfying your darkest wishes. Glamorous and sofisticated, are you ready to join the dark side?

Ready to know more about wake up vibe? Use the arrows on the sides to discover more. Wake up vibe is a different and innovative kind of sex toy. It combines masterfully an alarm clock with a vibrator to obtain a new concept. All this accompanied with the best quality materials and features to procure pleasure.

Wake up with a smile!!
Wake up vibe will change your life. Wake up vibe let you choose your favorite wake up way. It is designed specially for your pleasure.

Are you ready for a vibrating wake up? Wake up vibe is a versatile product, not just a vibe, not just an alarm clock. Use it your way.

Wanna sleep late? use the manual mode to reach an orgasm easily any time you want. Waking up has never been so much fun.

1. Program the clock :
Set what time you want to wake up and choose one of the six different vibrating patterns. Its high-tech display is perfect for adjusting the vibe to your preferences.
2. Sleep peacefully :
Keep the vibe in your panties during the night. It is shaped to the curves of the female body and exceptionally thin. Toss and turn and it will stay in the place.
3. The best wake up :
Bzzz!!! Start the day with good vibrations. Your favorite vibrating pattern will wake you up. Be careful of being late, it’s addictive…

The vibrating wake up!!! Wake up vibe is a sex toy with high quality vibration technology. Six vibrating levels, play with their intensity and durations. Vibrations designed for the female pleasure. Hot vibrating spot of pleasure.

Wake up vibe is Design + Pleasure!
All their features are made thinking on the woman body, ergonomic and a comfortable use.

Wake up with style!
Wake up vibe is available in three different finishes. Fresh, fashionable and colorful versions to help you find your perfect wake up.

The best Quality Silicone.
The entire product is covered up with the best quality silicone. It has an unique soft touch. The best care for your body.

The vibe is completely sealed. It is an hygienic and hypoallergenic product. Using the best healthy materials.

It is designed to obtain a product with high durability. It is easy to clean and maintain. Ready to use when you like in the same condition that the firs day.

High technology vibe
Wake up vibe uses the last technology to obtain the best product results for you.

Power on your hand! It has an intuitive display and commands to obtain a clean design but with complete control to all the features.

So many different adjustments and preferences can be adjusted. Set your alarm, adjust your vibration mode, lock it… enjoy it!

Equipped with a rechargeable battery and different types of plugs for use it all over the world. The DC Socket can be closed again to protect the inner part.

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