Yet Another ‘Sex Survey’ reveals what we really want?

Picture of woman receiving oral sex

You are probably more normal than you think! A recent Canadian sex survey of over 1500 people touted as the biggest ever survey of Sexual Fantasies reveals some very interesting facts. These surveys seem to come out every now and then, and I am always suspicious of them. Firstly they are often sponsored by a manufacturer like Durex, or perhaps an online adult store. This gets them great free press and helps with their position in search engines. And many of these surveys are ‘opt in’ meaning people have to send in the survey either by post or choose to complete it online. My feeling is that if you are prepared to contribute to an online survey about your sexual habits the chances are you not a prude! So the results are often skewed, and do you really think people are 100% honest? I don’t think so…Especially if the questions are asked in person.

But this survey was more comprehensive (boasting of being the largest every conducted) and it appears to have been somewhat more scientific than the others without any obvious motives. So what were the results? Well most of all, many of the ‘out there’ sexual fantasies that people thought they had were actually pretty damn common! Whats more, an equal number of both men and women report having the same top five fantasies, with oral sex, place specific and feelings of romance the most common (yes even for men!).

A common fantasy was simply having sex in a new, unusual or different place such as at work or a public toilet (ick!), or in a romantic location. However when it comes to having sex with another partner, 17% more men fantasize about fucking someone other than their special someone. And as for same sex fantasies, well these were common for both men and women even though they identify as heterosexual. This gives rise to my belief that there really isn’t such a thing a ‘heterosexual’ or ‘homosexual’ but rather a continuum or scale where everyone fits somewhere along the line.

It also makes the whole Fifty Shades of Grey thing seem a little blown out of proportion. We decided early on at Femplay New Zealand to not stock the official 50 shades of Grey merchandise. We have many, many fetish related products from reliable and reputable Fetish Fantasy (Pipedreams) which are all great value for money and have stood the test of the time. We didn’t want to jump on the bandwagon and stock a range of products which would inevitably cost more the licensing to the Author. I think they have probably made enough money from the book and movie deals…

As for those identifying as homosexual 19% of people ticked the homosexual or bisexual box. A whopping 26.8% of men said they actually had fantasized about sex with another man, even though only 10.5 per cent identified as homosexual. Again though, I truly wonder how many were actually 100% honest though? And the other interesting thing was that while most women didn’t want their fantasies to come true (for example cheating on their partner) men actually did! Whether or not that was based on an assumption of 0% chance of getting caught I don’t know!